Residential Asphalt Paving

Affordable Paving with a quick installation

Our residential asphalt paving surfaces, if regularly maintained, can last for many years. Asphalt is ideal for many residential driveways, walkways and patios because it can be installed quickly and costs less than concrete surfaces. The trade-off is that you will need to sealcoat the asphalt every two to three years

The harsh weather conditions of the Hudson Valley NY in the winter or summer when temperatures go to extremes can cause surfaces to expand and contract. Asphalt has some flexibility and the ability to withstand changes, while resisting cracks, is another reason why asphalt is the number 1 material for residential driveway paving. As well, asphalt dark color absorbs the sun’s heat and allows snow to melt more quickly on it, which cuts back on the amount of maintenance required.

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